Celebrating Europe as finalists of the Emprende XXI Awards

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Navarre finals

May 9th was a momentous day for KRONIS as we celebrated Europe Day by participating as finalists in the 17th edition of the EmprendeXXI Awards organized by La Caixa. Isabel Moreno, Territorial Director of Ebro at CaixaBank, warmly welcomed us.

We had the pleasure of competing alongside impressive contenders, including Betternostic, a startup dedicated to early oncological diagnosis in dogs; Hyssogenix, a genetic laboratory specializing in dentistry and offering services in genetics and microbiology; MainRail, a startup specializing in digital solutions for railway asset management and maintenance; and Urtech Water, a company focused on sustainable water regeneration in industrial processes, making strides toward eco-friendly and chemical-free solutions.

After standing out in the semifinals among a pool of innovative startups, our app, tailored to streamline bureaucratic processes and simplify the R&D grant justification process, positioned us for the final showdown. While reaching the top spot was the ultimate goal, each step of the journey was already a victory in itself.

We entered the competition with great enthusiasm. Alberto Sierra, Co-founder of KRONIS, took the stage to represent us in Navarre’s final. In just 3 minutes, he perfectly defended our mission and the significance of KRONIS.

The presentation

Being the first SaaS platform dedicated to managing economic aspects of European projects, simplifying and optimizing processes from data analytics to planning, Alberto’s presentation resonated with the audience, as he emphasized our commitment to helping startups focus on R&D by handling complex processes efficiently.

Alberto effectively conveyed our software, business model, strategy, metrics, team, and why we stand out as the preferred choice. Our platform, uniquely crafted by innovation consultants, offers a simple, scalable solution aligned with regulations and EU standards.

Photographer: J.P. Urdíroz D: 09-05-2024

Watch our captivating 3-minute pitch here

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During the Q&A session, Alberto addressed inquiries about the potential market besides the integration of KRONIS with accounting softwares. He highlighted a significant milestone: the development of an API facilitating seamless integration with various softwares, enhancing user experience without altering existing processes.

As the jury deliberated, the “New Referents in the Startup Ecosystem” panel discussion commenced. Moderated by Carlos Lacosta, Director of CaixaBank DayOne Ebro, it featured prominent figures like Josune Ayo, Ana Megía, and Daniel Gómez-Bravo Puerta, sharing insights into the startup landscape.

Following the event’s conclusion, Pedro da Silva Costa, Director of Accounting and Finance at Enisa, commended all participants for their innovative endeavors, reaffirming the commitment to fostering entrepreneurial projects.

In a thrilling finale, Urtech Water’s URAPHEX became the most innovative start-up company and won the EmprendeXXI Award. Congratulations from SPLORO!

Mikel Irujo Amezaga, Economic and Business Development Councilor of the Government of Navarra, closed the event by commending all startups for their remarkable projects, echoing the sentiment of celebration and innovation.

Special thanks to La Caixa and CEIN for including us in this final. It has been a privilege to witness and support the innovative projects presented.

Stay tuned for updates as we embark on new adventures, shaping the future of innovation together!

Photographer: J.P. Urdíroz D: 09-05-2024

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